We humans call the planet Earth home and have certainly made it our habitat.

However, resources are a challenge at times, and as a result most of the humans on this planet live below poverty line!

But does it have to be that way?
Does it matter whether there are 7 Billion humans on the planet or R9.5 Billion humans in the next 40 years?
Could it be that resources are always out there and just have to be unlocked and realized through technology and new ways of thinking, sharing, engaging and collaborating? Can the food be grown and produced where traditionally has never been produced or grown before?
Enter – SKYFARM! A farm in the sky! Actually – in the building to be more precise.
By using the latest in hydroponics and aquaponics systems, we are now able to grow food and produce indoors – independent and irrespective of weather elements or the sun.
What this means is that we can now have harvests all year round. Anywhere, anytime – all the time! i.e. We can now harvest crops many more times per year than with traditional farming. We can harvests crops 4-5-6-7 times! With SkyFarm we now have 24/7/365 fully controlled harvest factory. The food produced are vegetable produce as well as fish.
Due the technology used, aquaponics and hydroponics can offers yields up to 100 times more than achieved through traditional farming!
At the same time food is being offered to users at the lower price as it cut outs middlemen, eliminates or minimizes transport costs, storage, electricity, fossil fuel usage and so on. Furthemore, SkyFarm creates jobs, trains and teaches people food production and improve,
empowers, enriches, community. As such, SkyFarms will become food and education centres in every community.
SkyFarm in the inner city Johannesburg will be the first of its kind on African continent. It is a collaboration of property entrepreneurs from different disciplines – real estate, farming & environmental industries- with the same goal in mind – to uplift the city, and improve, empower,
enrich community while collaborating, sharing and growing.